Can I use the henna pens on top of other makeup/creams/balm/etc? No. The reason being twofold. Firstly the henna must get in contact with the skin for it to be effective. Secondly, creams, makeup, balms, moisturizers and other products may cause the pen tip to clog up. When this happens, try cleaing the tip with a clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.
Why should I use Henna Penna when I can use henna paste directly? Each pen contains the equivalent of 11 lbs. (5 kg) of henna powder which will make each pen usable for many and big designs. Secondly, preparing and using henna paste can be messy and time consuming. With Henna Penna you can get right to the fun and creatiive part of creating designs without no preparation or having to wait hours for it to dry. With Henna Penna you can literally create a beautiful design in less than 10 mins including dry time.
Is the henna safe? Does it contain PPD? PPD (para-phenylenediamine) is sometimes used with henna to create a black color. The PPD causes severe allergic reactions in many cases. The coloring in our henna products come from natural plant and fruit extracts that are known to be safe and does not contain and PPD. To ensure the safety, tests have been conducted on volunteers in Europe on all products. All products are guaranteed to be safe.
How long does Henna Penna stay on? This depends greatly on your skin type and other environmental conditions, but on average a design stays on for about 5-7 days for the natural color pen. Emerald, Ruby Red, Jasper Brown, and Black Onyx stays on for about 2-3 days shorter due to a lower concentration of henna extract.
My Henna Penna is dry after only one design! Many customers first experience that the ink in Henna Penna is plentiful during the first design but feels dry after the second design. When the pen is brand new, the ink comes out faster and in bigger amounts and will look dark on the skin right away. After a few uses, the ink doesn't come out as fast, and it takes a little longer for the henna to stain the skin and make it look dark, and in the first couple of seconds it may look like nothing or little happened. This might be perceived as the pen is out. The pen should continue working in this state for a long time with enough henna for many more tattoos.
I feel a sting/tingling when first applying Henna Lips This is due to peppermint extract which has been added to create a fresh and cooling effect.